Solid wood butcher block table top cutting board with legs. Can hold/slide a certain knife in front. Very sturdy and in 3 photos of condition. Measures 6" x 6" x 6" Over half off another one in same conditions.
For cheese and fruit, etc. 1 foot long & 8 1/2 inches wide. Very good condition & is original wood with the porcelain/ceramic decorative for cutting.
Oblong shape fruit bowl centerpiece. Circa 1930's. 15 1/3 inchs wide/long & 4 1/4 inchs height. Rare color & does have some color discoloration. May be restored or used for other purposes.
7 1/2 inchs wide from top & 4 1/2 wide bottom, 7 3/4 inchs in height. Vintage, teardrop pattern with few discoloration on red. No chips/cracks.
13" by 8 inchs the height. Made before 1970's. Colorful shard glass decorated.
Antique/vintage. Unknown maker. Will update on measurements soon.
Two wood hand carved elephant's (left has one tusk missing & other is original) Two candle holders from 1990's or before by PartyLite. Price if for all 4.
Copyright 1952. Over 80+ recipes. Condition as seen in 4 photos. Pages are fine, intact. Cover front/back some wear, etc. Can be replaced the back.
Rare find. Around 7 inches wide/long & 6 inchs in height. Will measure again. Found only only one exactly like it that was shined. Price is reasonable from theirs & may make a offer.
Refurbished by S.G. Will update more on measurements and wood type. Glass frame says "Bread Made With Loving Tender Care".
Refurbished by S.G. Made in 1980's (84). Will update more information soon and photos.
4 cars, 2 trains, a truck & motorcycle. Blue train is full. Rest empty & one with some cologne. 1876 Centennial Express (right) has box- some wear. Priced together as a lot for lower value. If interested in only one will have to post separately.
Wood. 6 inchs tall from ears to bottom & 4 1/2 inchs wide. Made before 1990's, unknown maker. Could be refurbished.
1960-1970's, made in Taiwan. 3-4 inches width/height. No chips, material is original and may need new if like.
Hand sized, Japan & Taiwan figurines.1970's-80's. No chips, little faded color on boy clown. Priced together.
1976-1980 Bellaire, TX Records. Rare. Played well few years ago. May need cleaning before trying.
9 inches in height & 5 1/8 inches wide on top. Bottom inscribed F.T.D.A. 1986. Condition is fine. No chips.